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Hard Dots

Hard Dots

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Kbeason: heyyyy 4 years ago

Freebree: awesome 4 years ago

Anya: wow 4 years ago

Bob Cotton: i have a small one 4 years ago

Whats A Name: SO HARD 4 years ago

Got Em: deez nutz 4 years ago

Kat: The numbers are hard to read 4 years ago

Lebron James: awesome 4 years ago

DEEZ NUTS: I have the Willis 4 years ago

Anthony Reay: i did it 4 years ago

In Your Face: It is blury 4 years ago

Pow: is it realy hard 4 years ago

Ashtin: So cool 4 years ago

Emily_liebreich: Cool 4 years ago

Bane: 5 stars given 4 years ago

Somebody That I Used To Know: Omg finally one thats not blurry 4 years ago

SPOILER: its a giraffe 4 years ago

Thousand Years: amnazing 4 years ago

Dumb Guy: what is this? 4 years ago

Steve: its lit 4 years ago

Lil Bill: is it supposed to be a giraffe? 4 years ago

Yo Moma: hi 4 years ago

DO U EVEN LISTEN TO DRAKE: what is it 4 years ago

THECOOLKID912: Dat is big!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago

4 Eyes: A4 paper.....to blurry...Cannot read 4 years ago

Mike Ock: #s to hard 2 c 3 years ago

Bob: awsome 3 years ago

Me: amazing 3 years ago

I: just what i was looking for 3 years ago

Cade: i am a master at this 3 years ago

?: i finish the hard ones in less than 20 min 1 year ago

Thickyyboi: me thiiiickkkk booooiii 1 year ago

Kot: this is easy for me 1 year ago

Debil: super amazing!!! 1 year ago

#23: this was so much fun I loved it 1 year ago

Ethan Christensen: Ya yeeT!!!!!!! 1 year ago

What : easy easy at first i thought it was a tower with details but i found it out EVENTUALLY 1 year ago

WHY: lol 1 year ago

Pp Hair: penis and mouth 1 year ago

Alpha: love it got done in an hour 1 year ago


Ed: is hard 1 year ago

FUCK YOU ALL: in the bum 1 year ago

Scout: It a giraffe 1 year ago

Liam Woodard: this is so hard 1 year ago

B: not the whole thing! didn't do it 11 months ago

Hey You : i is so hard 10 months ago

Spoilerrrr: its a giraffe but I still love itttttttttttttttttt 10 months ago

̧모TV: 개어려워 9 months ago

Goat: i new it was a giraffe when i look at it 9 months ago

Goat: 67 got me confused 9 months ago

Earthworm Sally: what is it? 9 months ago

Sara: Its an elaphant 9 months ago

Bob The Builder We Can Build It!!!: it took me a year and a half ot finish 9 months ago

On Discord € Medium: Men's Zone 9 months ago

FlashScore.com: Live Football Scores, Livescore: YouTube Learning - Learn at Home with YouTube| Sheet music at JW Pepper 9 months ago

City Of Howe (TX) | Pay Your Bill Online | Doxo.com: This page could not be found 9 months ago

Cuckoo : How many is it? 9 months ago

Pig: Over 900 9 months ago

Bom.com: Is it okay on a4 9 months ago

Pizza: Nice giraffe 9 months ago

Pleinchamp - YouTube: Salma Hayek Boobs—Natural, Fake, Or Who Cares? - Popdust 8 months ago

What Are You Doing Step Bro: I liked it 8 months ago

Bobbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: ok 7 months ago

Guy: this is cool 7 months ago

Fock You: it fockin girraf 6 months ago

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: WHAT THE HECK IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 months ago

Fock You: hi it girrafe ass 6 months ago

??????? : What is this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????? 5 months ago

Offffffffff: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh 5 months ago

Mkd: O que é isso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????? ???????????????? 15 horas atrás 5 months ago

Matt: wtf is this, it doesn't even work 4 months ago

Matt: and plus it says i posted the comment "it doesn't even work" 2 hours ago even though i posted it like a minute ago, bruhhhh 4 months ago

Matt: they really need to fix the software 4 months ago

_ _ _ _ _: I DID IT it was so hard 4 months ago

Jadjckjsk: giraffe 4 months ago

Fets Luck: bruh fets luck 3 months ago

Olivia Quinn: Wont let me print it out 3 months ago

Olivia Quinn: Must just be my printer lol 3 months ago

Olivia Quinn: I LOOOOOOVE GIRAFFES!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 months ago

Pikachu: Ur couloring pages r the best bro! 3 months ago

Khushi : Wow! Such a extreme dot to dot! I have this same paper.... but I'm wondering what to color it. So just make it in color too. Awesome! 2 months ago

Sarah: sis, give me a cool color page of THE GIRAFFE! 2 months ago

Jane: I CAN'T FEEL MY FACE 2 months ago

No Name: gosh thats a lot of comments bruh 2 months ago

No Name: It goes up to about 1307 1 month ago

ShitHead: It's a girrafe 1 month ago

Banananana: MeLiKeThIcCcCcCcBoYs 1 month ago

Savannah: its a giraffe people, u dirty people, im 9 and i search what a penis is and i got in trouble, shut up 1 month ago

Desert: yeah agreed 1 month ago

MOD: guys, i am a mod of this website and you guys need to keep it down, and control your language 1 month ago

:/ : It very easy 3 weeks ago

E: e 2 weeks ago

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