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Sharla Verstraete: I work with the elderly, who would love these if only the numbers were large enough for them to see. Are there any pictures, even if only 200 or 300 dots that could be printed larger? Thank you. gslmverstraete@juno.com 3 years ago

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What : those numbers are too small to see their just a blur 1 year ago

^^^: they're* 1 year ago

Dots: how many dots are there!??! 11 months ago

Miss: How many numbers are in this, also, which one has the most dots? 9 months ago

What: is this? 8 months ago

Someone: Maybe you could make the numbers on the pages bigger and non-blurry? It is very hard for me to read the numbers. It would be very much appreciated! ^^ 7 months ago

Cool P: you shoud do a star at the end 7 months ago

Cool P: amazing 7 months ago

Lop: kj 5 months ago

Lop: half printed stupid 5 months ago

JESUS SAVES: pretty good but wish numbers were bigger 3 weeks ago

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