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Evapark: Evapark 4 years ago

Afrina Binti Kamal Azmi: Twilight Sparkle 4 years ago

Mvfsdhvdgfdyth: mgtrayt3e657ur5r5t 4 years ago

Dyhcfyhb: tdsfsrttf 4 years ago

HATER OF TWILIGHT SPARKLE: twilight is rude twilight sparkle is very rude 3 months ago

Pretty Pony25: why do you hate her, what did she do? 2 months ago

Ioxpeace: yeah,why? 1 month ago

Fluttershy: yeah 1 week ago

Rainbow Dash: twilight is nice fan are right twilight is nice 1 week ago

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March 17, 2021